Audiofile Magazine, August 2019

This audiobook combines superb performance with content so compelling that it becomes a must-listen. Narrator Ron Butler's perfect delivery allows listeners to stay focused on Thurgood Marshall's defense of Willie D. Lyons, an African-American wrongly convicted of a gruesome triple murder in Oklahoma in 1939… Butler perfectly captures Lyons's and Marshall's personas, and the impact this trial had on each man and the nation, pacing the delivery and using inflection to highlight a series of crucial events...  Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile 2019, Portland, Maine [Published: AUGUST 2019]

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Secret Soldiers (Paul B. Janeczko)

Audiofile Magazine, June 2019

In a smooth narration, Ron Butler tells the story of how the artists, actors, camouflage experts, sound designers, and other specialists of the U.S. Special Troops of WWII worked together to trick the Nazis into thinking they were facing troops, men, and equipment that were a cunning fabrication. His measured and occasionally wry delivery allows listeners to enjoy a copious amount of information…

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Sorry For Your Loss (Jessie Ann Foley)

@RonnieButler did not have an easy task, narrating the story of the 28+ member Flanagan family, but his work is magnificent...

Posted by the author on IG, June 2018.


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The Lesson (Cadwell Turnbull)

@RonnieButler And Janina Edwards did incredible EXCELLENT work on THE LESSON audiobook that more than elevates the novel. I highly recommend it! (seriously, it is really amazing in ways I could not have imagined).

Tweeted by the author, June 2018.


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Sorry For Your Loss (Jessie Ann Foley)

Audiofile Magazine, June 2019

Narrator Ron Butler has a challenging task in describing Pup Flanagan's large family. Sixteen-year-old Pup is the youngest of five "sister-mothers" and Luke, an angry, alcoholic brother. Butler manages to distinguish all of them, their overwhelming collective presence, and the unexpressed grief that lingers after the death of Patrick, the oldest...  Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile 2019, Portland, Maine [Published: JUNE 2019]

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The Lesson (Cadwell Turnbull)

Audible June 2018 “Editor Selects”

One listen will not be enough --  I know I’ll come back to this novel again, eager to reacquaint myself with the characters and pick up on those subtle cues missed the first time around.  Not to mention re-experience the dynamic performances from the skilled duo of Janina Edwards and Ron Butler.

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Forget Me Not (Brenda Jackson)

Audiofile Magazine, June 2019

Ron Butler's skilled performance elevates this story…  Butler sensitively conveys the confusion, vulnerability, attraction, and, finally, hope that each character journeys through. 

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The Limits Of The World

Audiofile Magazine, June 2019

Narrators Priya Ayyar and Ron Butler work together to chart the ups and downs of the Chandaria family's unexpected move from the U.S. to Kenya… Butler creates a memorable character in Bimal, the cousin who lives in Kenya. He delivers Bimal's unique accented English with a gentle cadence.  Ayyar and Butler trade off chapters, showcasing their talents and keeping listeners entertained throughout.

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Amazing Audiobooks (#AA2020) Nominees Round Up, April 3 Edition, April 2019

Bahni Turpin and Ron Butler narration helps make each character become fully realized bringing their voices forward. Whether it is the humor that underlies Rita Williams Garcia’s teen at boarding school who is having a conversation with a slave from the past through a bathroom mirror, or the melancholy of Keekla Magoon’s of a girl wondering what could have been after the girl she likes, but didn’t really know, dies in an accident. Turpin and Butler’s versatility makes each story distinctly different and each character their own person.

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Audie Award Finalists 2019

February 2019

In the category of Literary Fiction & Classics, "Miguel Street" by V.S. Naipaul; published by Blackstone Publishing and read by Ron Butler.

In the category of Young Adult Fiction, "The Stars At October Bend" by Glenda Millard; published by Brilliance Publishing and read by Candice Moll and Ron Butler.


Black Enough.jpg

Black Enough (Ibi Zoboi [Ed.])

Audiofile Magazine, February 2019

The vocal dream team of Bahni Turpin and Ron Butler delivers a poignant, funny, and ambitious YA anthology in which the brightest stars in YA fiction showcase a variety of black American teen experiences.

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Love In Catalina Cove.jpg

Love In Catalina Cove

(Brenda Jackson)

Audiofile Magazine, February 2019

Ron Butler's splendid performance is the reason you'll keep listening to this steamy romance…

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Audiofile Magazine, January 2019

A skilled trio of narrators, Simon Vance, Ron Butler, and Vikas Adam, comes together in this one volume to bring listeners three novellas. Butler embodies Trinidadians of all backgrounds in the election campaign that is at the heart of "The Suffrage of Elvira." He maximizes the dramatic personalities to hilarious effect.

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dragons in a bag (zetta elliott)

Audiofile Magazine, December 2018

There are so few children's fantasy books with urban African-American characters. Ron Butler's narration enhances this welcome and refreshing option for fantasy audiobook fans… Butler hilariously conveys the bewildered amazement of Jaxon, and the raspy bark of the gruff, no-nonsense Ma. Unique voices for an assortment of Ma's eccentric friends in Brooklyn round out this entertaining listen. S.C. © AudioFile 2018, Portland, Maine [Published: DECEMBER 2018]

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Rebound  by Kwame Alexander.  Sounding convincingly youthful, Butler reads Alexander’s vibrant novel in verse featuring basketball moves, twin brothers, and realistic drama with verve and zest.   See the full list of winners here.

Rebound by Kwame Alexander.

Sounding convincingly youthful, Butler reads Alexander’s vibrant novel in verse featuring basketball moves, twin brothers, and realistic drama with verve and zest.

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How Long Til Black Future Month (A.K. Jemisin)

Audiofile Magazine Earphones Award, December 2018

A stellar cast of seven narrators takes turns performing this collection of shorter pieces by science-fiction novelist Jemisin. Each narrator drills down to the core of the story, developing believable accents and highlighting the characters' personalities. 

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“Beautiful Country Burn Again” selected as one of the Best Non-Ficiton Audiobooks of 2018. (Audiofile Magazine, December 2018).

“Beautiful Country Burn Again” selected as one of the Best Non-Ficiton Audiobooks of 2018. (Audiofile Magazine, December 2018).


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a very merry romance

(Brenda Jackson)

Audiofile Magazine Earphones Award, November 2018

Narrator Ron Butler doesn't take sides as he presents the romantic journey of Marilyn Bannister and Jonathan Madaris. A Houston principal, Jonathan can't date his new teacher, so he secretly transfers her so that he can begin his courtship. Butler embodies the suave confidence Jonathan utilizes to attract Marilyn's attention and persuade her to look past her misgivings. He gives listeners a hero both honest and deeply romantic. Marilyn's dialogue is differentiated subtly. Butler emphasizes her syllables differently so she sounds winsome. Every element of the audio fits together seamlessly. Jonathan and Marilyn's dialogue with each other and with secondary characters sounds immediate, making the listening experience consistently appealing. Jackson's origin story of the Madaris clan will please fans and new listeners alike. C.A. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile 2018, Portland, Maine [Published: NOVEMBER 2018]


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Take 5 with Ron Butler

5 Audiobooks and 5 Questions with a Versatile Voice Performer


Today’s Take 5 guest is one smooth-talking man. No matter the genre, I find myself swimming in Ron Butler’s soft voice, leaning in to catch every nuance. I’ve always admired his feel for the pace of a story, whether truth or fiction, and seeing Ron’s name on an audiobook is enough for me to add the title to my wish list…

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beautiful country burn again

(ben fountain)

Audiofile Magazine Earphones Award, October 2018

Narrator Ron Butler puts forth a bronze-star-worthy effort in the face of this relentless barrage of facts and anecdotes describing the run-up to the 2016 presidential election. Fountain's disturbing yet salient distillation of that time, in the form of essays written more or less contemporary with the events, deserves an audience--but in print it could be a depressing read and easily set aside. Enter our heroic narrator, Butler, who takes up the charge for us, attacking the text with real skill and precision. In the end, it might be hard to determine if you are shell-shocked by Fountain's writing or if it's Butler's mastery of it that has blown your mind. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile 2018, Portland, Maine [Published: OCTOBER 2018]


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playing changes (nate chinen)

Audiofile Magazine Earphones Award, September 2018

Narrator Ron Butler narrates this exceptional audiobook with the laid-back flair and nuanced understanding of a seasoned jazz musician. His diverse phrasing palette is as interesting to hear as it is clarifying, and his performance is never too conspicuous as he conveys the drama surrounding the growth of jazz in America.

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Fresh ink: an anthology

(lamar giles [ed.])

Audiofile Magazine Earphones Award,  September 2018

The full cast that presents this anthology, published in partnership with We Need Diverse Books, does a remarkable job of bringing to life stories by some of today's best-known YA authors… Each narration and production reflects care and attention.

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Audiofile Magazine,  August 2018

As narrator, Ron Butler pulls off a superb performance. First, he delivers the straightforward content at a clear and steady clip made all the more inviting by his deep voice. He also mindfully deploys inflection for phrases and even words to get at the heart of Bryant's commentary, or that of someone else who is speaking…

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The stars at oktober bend

(glenda millard)

Audiofile Magazine Earphones Award,  July 2018

Beautifully narrated by Candice Moll and Ron Butler, this audiobook leaves the listener cheering for the unlikely couple. Moll's narration perfectly captures Alice's brain injury, especially in her slow, thick speech. Butler's portrayal of Manny is lyrical, capturing the young West African's cadence as he speaks. Both narrators bring the protagonists and supporting characters to life, drawing the listener into the world of their small Australian town. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile 2018.

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@RonnieButler, I finally got around to listening to the audio book of They Come in All Colors, and WOW! What a tremendous job you did in your reading of it. Your vocal rendition of all the characters brought them to life in ways I hadn't anticipated. What a treat! Thank you!

Tweeted by the author, July 19, 2018.


Captivated By Love.jpg


brenda jackson (Captivated By Love)

I love it when Ronnie Butler Jr. narrates my audio books. He did books 1, 2 and 3 of the Grangers, and now he's doing Book 4 (Sheppard Granger's story). He always does an awesome job!

Posted by the author on Facebook, July 8, 2018.



Captivated By Love (Brenda Jackson)

Audiofile Magazine, July 2018

Narrator Ron Butler's smooth voice captures the strength and romance of Jackson's characters as they navigate the present and the past... Butler navigates more than a handful of characters within the span of this story, giving each a unique voice...

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Full Dissident (@hbryant42):  I chose wisely! Thank you for your talents. I don’t know how you do it...✊🏾

Tweeted by the author, May 10, 2018



rebound (Kwame Alexander)

Audiofile Magazine, April 2018

Young Charlie has just lost his father, and narrator Ron Butler clearly conveys his anger and vulnerability...  It's fun to note signs of the teasing, loving father Charlie becomes, but Butler mainly focuses on depicting Charlie's emotional growth in this story... Butler also gives meaningful portrayals of the minor characters who influence Charlie. 

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out of wonder.jpg

out of wonder

(Kwame Alexander, Chris colderly & Marjory wentwork)

Audiofile Magazine, April 2018

Butler especially connects with the selections he narrates, and his delivery exudes the joy that Alexander infuses into poems celebrating Maya Angelou, Walter Dean Myers, Gwendolyn Brooks, and more. 

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High-risers (ben austen)

Audiofile Magazine Earphones Award,  March 2018

Author Ben Austen and narrator Ron Butler create something special in this outstanding examination of Chicago's Cabrini-Green housing projects. Butler captures the characters of residents, cops, housing officials, and others. Austen gives him much to work with--the audiobook is about the people of Cabrini-Green as much as it is about the buildings and politics and policies. What Austen and Butler do so well is counter the worn narrative of Cabrini-Green as a place of urban blight, poverty, and violence... Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © 

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high risers.jpg

@ben_austen: This is so cool. Audio book version of High-Riser out today and fantastic actor named Ron Butler reading it. I got to pick from 12 readers and I picked right. Thank you @RonnieButler! 


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black fortunes (shomari wills)

Audiofile Magazine, March 2018

Ron Butler narrates this fascinating biography of the first six blacks who escaped slavery and became millionaires. [His] melodious voice never falters as he delivers stories of the trials, heartaches, and successes of these early millionaires. 

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Chasing Space

(leland melvin)

Narrator Ron Butler’s self-deprecating and wry tone flawlessly echoes Melvin’s message, subtly capturing painful emotions of racial discrimination, perseverance through injury, and grateful appreciation for his Christian faith and family.  There are so many appealing aspects here...   — Mary Burkey

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Audiofile Magazine, December 2017

From the start, narrator Ron Butler reads against type by approaching this audiobook with an expressive, deep, assuring voice, rather than as an authoritarian. He varies his pitch and tone, and adds character voices to make the political and military sources come alive.

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chasing space (leland melvin)

Audiofile Magazine - Best Audiobooks of 2017

Category - Memoir



School's first day of school

(Adam rex & christian robinson)

Booklist Online,  October 2017

In this sweet animated presentation of Adam Rex’s picture book (2016), colorfully illustrated by Christian Robinson, a newly built school, named Frederick Douglass Elementary, suffers from first-day jitters.  Ron Butler brings quiet authority to his reading of the janitor, with whom School forms a lovely bond.          — Brian Wilson

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The Grangers (Brenda jackson)

Audiofile Magazine,  October 2017

Narrator Ron Butler's deep, rich voice brings the smoldering passion, wealth, and power of the Granger family to audiobook listeners. Smooth-talking billionaire Dalton Granger can get any woman he wants except for private investigator Jules Bradford. Then they find themselves working together when Jules begins a covert investigation to exonerate Dalton's father of murder. Soon, Jules can't resist Dalton's seductive charm, which feels tailor-made for the swoon-worthy bass and gravelly undertones Butler employs... Through drama, secrets, and lies, Butler skillfully brings this family's journey to a fitting conclusion. J.E.C. 




Of being in the recording booth, the Los Angeles-based actor says, “I love being alone in the recording booth.  I love wearing all the hats while narrating.  You’re creating everything from beginning to end in your head, and I love that."

See the full interview here...



chasing space (leland melvin)

Audiofile Magazine, June 2017

Ron Butler's narration is both understated yet focused, which is the right tone for African-American astronaut Leland Melvin's memoir. Butler's voice takes the listener through Melvin's amazing journey of accomplishment. His successes seem staggering, but he doesn't stop to bask in his glory. In fact, it appears he doesn't stop, period. This is a life trajectory that moves from the NFL to outer space, and only Melvin can make that claim. Throughout, Butler captures Melvin's determined and hard-working tone, as well as his appreciation for those who helped give him perspective and support. Listeners who recently discovered the story of HIDDEN FIGURES will find Melvin's work another part of this larger story. CHASING SPACE is an inspiring audiobook of grit and perseverance. 



Hoodoo (Ronald L. Smith)

Audiofile Magazine Earphones Award,  February 2017

Narrator Ron Butler conveys the naïve playfulness of 12-year-old Hoodoo, who was born into a magical family--seemingly, without any magic himself. Butler amplifies the humor of Hoodoo's oft-repeated refrain--"if you didn't know"--with just the right throw-away quality. Butler is also frighteningly believable as the deep-voiced Stranger, a demon who must be vanquished by Hoodoo in order to save his family and community. Elements of life in a small, African-American enclave in 1930s Alabama are brought forth through the delicious text and the immersive narration, with Jim Crow problems integrally woven into the story. Spooky and comical by turns, Ronald L. Smith's atmospheric winner of a 2016 Coretta Scott King Award is terrific family listening.



Til The Well Runs Dry (L. Francis-Sharma)

Audie Finalist (2016).  Audiofile Magazine Earphones Award, April 2015

An astonishingly unique historical novel, which begins in Trinidad in the 1940s, this is an example of the best that an audiobook can offer. The two narrators, Ron Butler and Bahni Turpin, are superb choices who move the listener smoothly between the two main characters. Farook and Marcia Garcia are star-crossed lovers who don’t have fate on their side. Turpin evokes the rhythms of English as spoken in Trinidad, lyrical, and rhythmic. Through her confident narrative style, Marica Garcia comes across as a strong, beleaguered young woman. Her trials evoke empathy in the listener. Butler establishes the contorted choices that face Farook as an Indian man who is prevented by racism from marrying his true love. This sprawling tale spans Trinidad and the United States, from the 1940s-1960s.  

American Library Association Listen List 2016

Marcia and Farouk, married but rarely together, share a love that spans decades despite being buffeted by a strict social hierarchy and a need for independence. Ideally-paired narrators Turpin and Butler create an immersive listening experience capturing the characters’ unique dialects, from lilting Trinidadian rhythms to subtle East Indian tones.



black gun silver star (Art t. burton)

Audiofile Magazine Earphones Award, February 2016

Narrator Ron Butler clearly and passionately recounts the story of U.S. Deputy Marshal Bass Reeves, a former slave whose law enforcement career negotiated the lawless areas of the Oklahoma and Indian Territories for nearly 32 years. This is not a biography; instead, Burton uses court documents and contemporary newspaper articles to place Reeves's life in the context of Western history. But the presentation is never dry. As he delivers atmospheric narrative and dialogue that often rings true, Butler's skillful pacing and emphasis ramp up the tension and occasional drama of the marshal's encounters with various criminals. A great pairing of narrator and history.



Forgotten (Linda hervieux)

Audiofile Magazine, April 2016

The brave soldiers of the 320th Barrage Balloon Battalion are remembered in this fascinating account of WWII.  Ron Butler respectfully narrates a remarkable story that most of us have never heard featuring the brave African-American soldiers whose floating screen of armed balloons distracted and deflected enemy aircraft in Europe. Butler's clear delivery is unpretentious, even elegant, as he describes the courage of these young Americans thrust onto the front lines of battle. Describing the shocking disparity between American prejudice and European attitudes of acceptance toward the black soldiers, Butler maintains a dignified objectivity. His rich voice warms in the personal stories of these young men from Virginia, New Jersey, and Ohio. 



Mr. Loverman (Bernadine Evaristo)

Audiofile Magazine, February 2015

Barry and Carmel Walker, Londoners by way of Antigua, have been married for more than 40 years, but the time has finally come for Barry to choose love over secrets. Told in two voices, this is a provocative contemporary story of a marriage and its unraveling. As Barry, a dapper septuagenarian, Ron Butler charms with his musical tenor. His sense of language and timing is spot on, underlining the rhythm and wordplay of Evaristo's storytelling. In contrast, Carmel's chapters are marked by regret and anger. Despite an uneven accent, Robin Miles offers a convincing, sympathetic portrayal, capturing Carmel's evolving emotions as she reclaims herself. The years fall away from their voices as Barry and Carmel move together toward independence.