by ron butler



Power Up

"I had the pleasure of working with Ron as my director for the Audiobook of Power UP: How Smart Women Win in the New Economy. It was my first time recording an audiobook, and I was terrified. Ron was an incredible coach and a great director, helping me build my self confidence and guiding me as I struggled with American pronunciations. I now get many praises from the listeners of my Audiobook, and I owe it all to Ron and my incredible engineer Erin Tadena. They made sitting in a small, dark, soundproof room and reading for 8 hours a day a wonderful experience."

Magdalena Yesil, author of "Power UP: How Smart Women Win in the New Economy".  (Hachette Audio)



You Can Do Anything

"When I misfired, I could hear Ron's voice through my headphones, encouraging me to imagine telling those stories, for the first time, to a friend or family member. Sustaining that illusion helped elicit the necessary elements of wonder or vulnerability..."  

"More pointers from director Ron, who doubles as a prominent narrator in his own right. Early on, he encouraged me to lean into the microphone and whisper the concluding sentence of a zesty paragraph. Dang! It worked! Suddenly it seemed as if I was quietly confiding a rare truth to the audience. 

 George Anders, author of "You Can Do Anything" (Hachette Audio)

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